Why We Clean

by Samuel De Lemos

Zachor, means remember.
Remember when we left Egypt
In haste, while the bread
We made had
No time to raise?

Spring cleaning began
When God commanded us,
To look for the HameSs
In all our homes.

A little leaven here and
There—during those eight
Fateful days is prohibited to

MaSsáh, we are told is a
Substitute we can have. It’s
Bread with no leaven in it,
Considered—the bread of life.

Within eighteen minutes it
Must be cooked and,

Eighteen is the numerical
Equivalent for life.

Life is ultimately, what
God wants us to have.

Thus, we clean prior to
Passover, we clean all the
Leaven we can find, in
Perpetual memory of our
Exodus out of darkness
And into the newness of life.