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Month: April, 2015

The Sermon



I was just invited by my wife to ‘talk’ under the front tree in our home on the un-manicured green grass.

We laid down a thin sheet, but the grass still poked through tingling my thighs and arms.

the breeze was brisk and the skies were cloudless and it was sunny. It felt like a windy spring day.

I could her the echo of birds chating it up with each other.

the breeze made the leaves shimmer and rustle,

In the distance there are two palm trees swaying in synch with each other as I look up and eastward.

My wife is talking, but I’m too busy soaking it all in, drifting from thought to thought.

I finally turn over and stare at the grass and in the forest of green lawn, I try to find 4 leaf clovers,

but can only find three leaf clovers. I was wondering if there was such a thing as a four leaf clover?

And wouldn’t it be amazing to find one today, then post it on Instagram?

I finally started really listening to my wife speak and engage with her in conversation.

She is having serious problems with her brothers, one who is dying of cancer GBM multiform stage 4–

the other is being insensitive, and brutish…



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