Samuel De Lemos


Samuel is a teacher, writer, artist and businessman who lives somewhere in the San Joaquin Valley in NorCal USA
He is Former US Marine, who has worked in logging, construction and banking. A furniture designer and manufacturer, he is currently a middle-school art/film teacher in Livermore, CA. Samuel has taught art extensively to children and inmates.

He studied at De Anza College, The San Francisco Art Institute, Parsons School of Design, NY and the New School for Social Research, NY. He is also the founding member of the NorCal Poets Society. He studied graduate level philosophy at San Jose State University. Samuel writes poetry in English, Spanish, Ladino, and Arabic.
He currently lives with his beautiful wife and has sired 7 beautiful children.

Thoughts, words.
What would life be without them?
They bind us to the past, make us
Knowledgeable of far away places
and intimate spaces.

“Man shall not live by bread alone”…but by beautiful words as well.

Welcome to my canvas.
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