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What Is Youth? Poem

What is youth?

Life moves quickly.
Moments elapse into
songs that helps me reminisce;
but, it’s fleeting—
like clouds on a sunny day,
the ones that disappear
into the blue infinite
That same depth that
circumnavigates our
magnificent earth.
I hold onto my thoughts like picture albums,
as I stand with skinned knees
and a happy smile.
Little did I know
like the cumulus shade that
skips through the pregnant sky.
That the sun I love would not stop counting my days.
Where did my youth go?
It’s the same sky, sun, and Earth;
but now my joints ache
and my smile is etched
by a life filled with plenty of
happiness and
twice the hardships;
a little older,
a bit wiser.
I’m toughened by tragic loss.
I wish I could be young again.
I wish I could go out and play;
to be back by dusk without care
as I sit down with my family,
while laughingly
recounting my escapades.

Youth is a warm familiar blanket I rest under.
Youth is the memory of days gone by that I cherish
like a baby Lark cherishes its mother’s cozy nest.

Memorial Day 2016-poem

The live oaks are green
almost impervious to drought—
My kids are alive,
swimming in a resort pool
while I watch them
scream with glee.
The grey squirrel almost blue
running up and down the seasoned tree
showing off for a gallery of kids.
Excited, ecstatic, joyous
“Look at the squirrel.”
If those who paid the ultimate price
could see what I see,
Perhaps they’d say
it’s a price worth giving…
While the living celebrate life
on another Memorial Day—
and the live oaks continue
to grow green leaves.



Mid-Life Crises-Poem

The five day old tulips are
a true mid-life crises.

coquettish beauty
and the wilting
that inevitably appears.

A visual promise that
defiantly says—
yes to life.

Learning To See-Poem

I’ve returned to my childhood neighborhood.
Walking the streets again,
remembering the places
where I had my first special experiences. The place
where I held my first girlfriends hand,
it’s the area where I had my first sweet kiss.
They’re beautiful memories that come back-to-mind.

It’s sunny outside and
I’m smitten by the way the sunlight
dances off your lavender shutter doors,
I’d never seen it, even though I must
have walked this certain path hundreds of times before.

I’m older now, now I stop to notice a little bit longer,
I’m cautious with special moments, I savor
them, I’m making up for the brashness of my youth.
I didn’t have the maturity to stop and look when I was young,
to really observe the beauty of life;

But now, I notice how the sun changes your lavender shutters
to a dusty rose hue, In a split second, I stop to take-it-in,
it’s exhilarating, a special convocation of beauty
found in the simplest of things.

Now, I turn and see how a verdant
green maple leaf is slightly motioned
by the sway of wind and the leaf turns
from its original color to a beautiful cerulean blue.
Everything is in slow motion, magnificent and sublime–
in my old neighborhood
I’m learning to see one more time.

Rhythm Creates Life-Poem 

I love it when conversations and small talk

creates the  right rhythm between two

friends–a connection is birthed,

because the right rhythm creates love,

and love creates life.

Big Wheel Turning


My Madness


The Mad Dash

For all of us
are contained
between that dash—
our births,
the way we suckled on
our mother’s teats,
our first steps, and first

The many times we
walked to school.

Our sins,
our achievements,
the memories
of who we loved.

Our many vices
and frailties,
our deepest failures and
our greatest triumphs,
the many people
we touched.

All this crammed
between the date of
our birth and the
final date of
our demise.

Apprehension—Battle Within

Why do I always feel

Ambiguity settles in
constantly making
me feel I’m on
a precipice looking

Even when things
look bright and
I’m on the the upswing
in life.

The fear of
failure or
of losing it all
keeps me in line.

The battle within
spurts out
from time-to-time,

Apprehension sets
in like a tightly packed
forest of sequoias—

There areas where the
sun never peaks in.

To live Life

To live life, really understand life,
You must be a little insane,
embrace insanity from time to time.

Without which, the appreciation
for life is not fully experienced.

Relying on conventionality, stifles creativity
and the many adventures that it has to offer.