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The Madman


Ever so gently the madman stalks the campsites at dark. His tongue was cut off in a ruthless fight. Caused by an ignoble act the fight was a desperate one to protect a can of worthless beans. Another vagrant more disreputable than he-coveted those silky beans. So much so that with a willful shout he proclaimed that can, was his and his alone. The man in question, who owned the beans stood up- with a knife he said, “no!” The fight was on-long into the night heaving and punching and rolling in the sand. The second vagrant the sinful coveter, got the best of the other, and in the cover of darkness took the knife and cut off his tongue with glee. Saying, “This will show you to disrespect me”.

Now the sulking heathen-the crazed madman goes to campsites looking for his stolen can of beans. Without a tongue, he just shuffles and moans lustful for the beans he once craved and owned.