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Don’t Study Philosophy

Why you should reconsider becoming a philosophy major.

Look what happened to me:

* I hate academia and macadamia nuts.
* I think way too much—over analyze.
* I can’t buy into the status quo or any presidential nominees.
* I have an outrageous sense of humor, that frankly, no one understands.
* I am bitterly sarcastic about everything.
* I read philosophy to settle down while I drink beer—Thank you Prof. Robin Roth.
* Rather than listen to music on my way to work, I listen to erudite people explain the meaning of things. Everyone finds this boring except “moi.”
* I rather go to a book store and read Dante or Nietzsche than go to a party.
* I have a hard time understanding adults and their silly views.
* Religion and I are bitter polemical friends—
*I am a mental mess when left alone with my thoughts.

If you want to mess up your life forever be a philosophy major.

On Learning-Philosophy

Learning is predicated on discovery
if we can foster the latter
then there’ll be
a natural love for the former.

Philosophical Clarification—Poem

Philosophy clarification—
Nietzsche’s Gay Science
(Die fröhliche Wissenschaft) or
gai saber
is not about homosexuality.
(It contains Nietzsche’s poems)
It alludes to Provençal poetry
that is, poets of Provence—
Troubadours whose poetry
contributed to the birth of
modern European poetry.
Even though I disagree
with this narrative—anyone
with half-a-brain knows
that Andalusians birthed
European poetics and that
Troubadour’s derived their
skills from Iberian bards—
whose minarets daily announced
in loud voices—
God is great!

Existential Sulking-Poem

I did my best,
I wear my eyes with pride
I stood up to the lies.
I stand tall in the face of
existential adversity.

It resounds,
like the unintelligible chatter
of angry cockatiels.

Desire is the inconsequential
after a dinner party.

I’ll clean up the mess—
with warm water and
a purple bubble bath.

I’m looking forward to wearing you
like that toasty bathrobe in my closet;
right after I sulk—
In between
the shutters and rain outside.

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