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Month: February, 2014

Divine Words

Divine words
Spoken through a
Fire that does not consume
From a plant in the wilderness
On a mountain in the sand
I Am Who I Will Say
I Will Be
I’ve heard your tears
The plight of your bondage
The day to day misery
I’ve witnessed in grief
The shackles of which you
Will finally break free
When I utter the words
Let My People Go
And come to
This holy mountain
To Worship Me
With your own
divine words.

With My Friend

The poetry I write is for you,

The words I tumble around in my
Mind and select are for you, my

When I’m inspired, it’s
For you, good friend.

I fuss exceedingly over
what I want to convey,
Replacing words, here and there,
Learning new ones too.

Recalling words uttered
Eloquently before.
I want to present them to you,
My dearest friend.

Capturing thoughts
Like a child
Captures a Monarch
For the first time,
On a sunny spring day.

Those lovely aromatic
Days when my mind
Isn’t cluttered
With uncertainty.

The days I often long for and
Wished you were there with me,
My splendid friend.

Who Will Advocate For Me

Who will advocate for me?
My heart is heavy
On this solemn winter night.

Who will advocate for me?
My hands are trembling
Not from cold during this
Dark evening’s quarrel.

Who will advocate for me?
I need my lover’s calming
Deep green eyes to help
Me mend.

Who will advocate for me?
Are my tears worth anything?
When I cry in the shadows
So no one can see.

Who will advocate for me?
When the bell tolls three
And I toss and turn,
Like a Fish caught in a net.

Who will advocate for me?


We sail into our days
Like a lit beam.

While your presence,
Washes away the fear
Of things unseen.

I take comfort in your words
I hear exquisitely expressed.

I say to myself, someone
Else cares about the life
We affectionally share.

I hear you brother,
I’m listening to you sister—
What you say, is meaningful to Me.

Help me to understand the
Place I find myself in.

Articulated, in a way that my
Soul can fully understand.

Assist me to
Perceive, the irony and the
Brilliancy of love— in my
Not so tranquil world.


Who came up with the Brilliant
Idea to take ‘very’,
Out of our syntax?

It’s the darnedest request I’ve ever Heard.

It’s an outrage to tease us
With words that are
Snobbishly shunned.

As if to say, it’s beneath
Our day to day eloquence, for us to Mention it,
So don’t say It at all.

Very, rhymes with fairy, was
Told to us by Dr. Seuss.

Very nicely done, always
Sounds great— when it’s
Directed at us too.

Sasquatch seems, very hairy
Similar to a Rastafarian
That’s never shaved!

I enjoy the word, ‘very’, I’m
Petitioning for it to be quickly Reinstalled.

It’s not lazy to use very
In a sentence, it’s just
Happens to be a familiar word.

Poetry Can Be|Haiku

Poetry can be
Like music, wonderfully
Rhythmic and touching.

The American Dream has Become A Nightmare To Me

How did I lose my
Autonomy, while striving and reaching
For the mighty dollar?

I was duped, conditioned to believe
That the fantasy was really meant for me,
When all along my happiness had fled.

The American dream become a
Nightmare, as money became my new god.

Those sly, tantalizing commercials, depicting success:
Driving the new car,
Or having all the right cards,
Became a snare.
A ravenous trap that can’t be adequately fed.

I dream of liberty outside the clutches of
The money tree that I have become.

God, I Need Another Life

God, I need another life,
Not because this one seems unfair, though
I’ve witnessed death, hunger and despair.

Not because, I’ve lived meagerly or seen
My share of injustice,
You know, there’s
Plenty of that to go around.

I need another life
Because, the one
I have, I foresee that
time is running out.

I have so much I want to learn,
And, there’s simply not enough time
In one mans life to grasp it all!

While Trying To Rival Your Hair: Luis De Góngora With Translation

Luis De Góngora


Mientras por competir con tu cabello,
Oro bruñido al sol relumbra en vano;
Mientras con menosprecio en medio el llano
Mira tu blanca frente el lirio bello;

Mientras a cada labio, por cogerlo,
Siguen más ojos que al clavel temprano,
Y mientras triunfa con desdén lozano
Del luciente cristal tu gentil cuello;

Goza cuello, cabello, labio y frente,
Antes que lo que fue en tu edad dorada
Oro, lirio, clavel, cristal luciente,

No sólo en plata o vïola troncada
Se vuelva, más tu y ello juntamente
En tierra, en polvo, en humo, en sombra, en nada.

Luis de Góngora


While trying to rival your hair,
Gold burnished by the sun, shines in vain.
Disdainfully, in the midst of the plain,
Observes the lovely lily your forehead so fair;

While each lip attempts, to seize them,
More than one view follows youthful carnations,
And with triumphant and vivacious disdain,
Of lucent crystal your genteel neck is made;

Rejoice neck, hair, lips and forehead,
Before it becomes your gilded age
Gold, lily, carnation, lucent crystal,

Not only in silver or snipped violet
Does become, but you, together, all
Into dirt, into dust, into smoke, into shadow,
Into nothingness.
(Translated by Samuel de Lemos)

From Andalusian Conversations: Twice Exiled

I’ve thought of you often
My friends—

Two palm trees planted
near my California house.
You remind me of al-Andalus

Of things I’ve never seen.

Instead, I’m here
In the New World,

Wishing I was back home.

Unlike in Rusafa,

We are twice exiled!


This poem is inspired by:

A palm tree stands in the middle of Rusafa
Born in the West, far from the land of palms
I said to it, “How like me you are, far away and in exile!
In long separation from family and friends
You have sprung from soil in which you are a stranger
And I, like you, am far away from home”

–Abd al-Rahman (731–788), The Palm Tree (770 CE)(transl. D. F. Ruggles, Gardens, Landscape, and Vision in the Palaces of Islamic Spain (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999))