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Passover Sermon—Poem

The story of Passover can be summarized thus:
the people in question were slaves.
Servants in a kingdom who’s polity derided
and treated them harsh.
They cried out to God.
They sobbed for change.
The Lord sent a leader
hand picked from the waters
that mighty river that fed their strengths.
The universal narrative is one of autonomy.
Freedom to choose one’s religion and way of life.
Timeless—it reoccurs for all humanity.
The children of Israel were at their strongest
between the Sea of Reeds
and the Egyptian chariots in hot pursuit,
they needed that extra push, the fire
to propel them forward, to part the
raging waters confronting them.
“And the Lord said,
to Egypt you shall not return”
Never again to be a people prone
to needless servitude.
But what God really meant was, “I will
not direct you out through this road from
whence you came”—
from now forward, you have the
and my guiding words
to pull you through
hard times and
to remember how
your ancestors
conquered their worldly
struggles and overcame.

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