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Month: November, 2014

So Far From Home.

I saw a seagull today
walking with webbed feet
on the same grey sidewalk
I’m on.

I was happily surprised
to see it in my neighborhood
so far inland, so far from its home.

It looked up at me
and we
acknowledged our
mutual presence,

I even saw a slight wink, a
smile on the corner of its eyes.

I remarked to my wife,
“That seagull is far from the coast,
I wonder were it’s from?”

With a shrug, we both kept

further down that
grey sidewalk.

Heading towards our

purposefully promenading
the seagull and I.

Both absorbing the
warmth of the
midday sun.

Both in our element and
happily alive.

Golden Memories

that golden leaf that fell,

marks the change of a
perfect season
of warmth.

each lost leaf I find
becomes a memory of myself.


I’m a teacher,
I’ve always felt like one.

I enjoy helping others;

Assisting discovery,
brings me pleasure and
insurmountable joy.

When I first walked into
my new classroom,
the smell of creativity
permeated the air.

I got a dose of it.
It went straight into
my lungs, it

spoke majestical
thoughts to
my brain,

and exploded at
the tip of every
follicle of hair.

It jettisoned me back
to my early days
at the Art Institute,
Somehow I knew
I’d walked into right place…

And, ever-since I met
my new students,
It’s been that way—
“creativity galore.”

I only wish I had a
blackboard instead
of two white ones…

There’s something
about a blackboard
and chalk drawings
that screams—
old school,

“Second Rate Turner”, An Ode To Oscar Wilde

Thinking on Oscar Wilde

My Words


Dialog with my undergrad adviser at the Art Institute a few years ago:

Me: I’m thinking of applying to graduate school.

Prof: Save your money and buy a lot of art supplies.

Me: Actually, I’m thinking about getting my graduate degree in philosophy. Shocked, and after a few seconds of silence.

Prof: Isn’t there enough philosophy in painting?

Me: Yes, but I’m really intrigued by the deeper meaning of art, life and words. When I open up an art book or magazine, the images come alive with the words. I ultimately feel that art is naked without words…

Prof: Art speaks for itself, at least good art does. Good art doesn’t need words.

Me: Not according to Oscar Wilde. When speaking to someone who casually observed how lovely a certain English sunset was. Remarked, that it was only, “a second rate Turner.” With one stroke of his pen, his wit…

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The Wolf Sees:

A red faced moon
hiding behind a
misty blue vail.

Then the moon

Running towards the vision
that can’t be found,
the wolf says,

I searched for you,
but the clouds
covered your heavenly

I’m left
speechless until
I see you
once more.

Art Supplies

We ordered a years
worth of art supplies.

We’re waiting for them to

In the interim,
we use all the
construction paper
we have.

The supplies finally show up.

“only the right key
lets you in ”

I repeat that mantra,

“only the right key lets you

I follow you and think
about what you said.

Open the boxes—
“we have too much glue…”

It’s your smile and warmth
I let in.

I don’t care about the glue
the paper, or the colored pens.

I care about your arms,
your smile, and your loving hugs.

I can teach anything with
only those simple things.

Some Leave Home

Some leave home
for the first time
young, bright,
full of hope.

On that final bus ride
the path is unclear.

The yelling starts, accentuated
with haircuts that
shed nonconformity;

everything that reminds
us of ourselves is neatly
sealed in a box.

We’re issued government
clothing, given
government food and sleep
on government cots.

We are trained to act
like a unit, trained
to march in cadence,
trained to shoot straight.

Somewhere down the line,
we all start to feel
pride. All the pull-ups,
all the sweat, begins to
make a difference in
our stride.

By graduation day we
look sharp,
spit polished;

we’re ready
to take on the

Off we go to our

In the end—

some will
never make it
back home.

That final bus ride
remains unclear.

I Saw You November Moon

Red faced
Hiding behind your
misty blue vail.

Then you quickly

I searched for you,
but the clouds
covered your heavenly

I’m left
speechless until
I see you
once more.

Some interesting facts about Veterans Day:


Unlike Memorial Day, Veterans Day is a time set aside
to honor live veterans, men and women who are currently
serving or have served and are still alive. Memorial Day on the other hand, honors those who have served, but have passed on or those who have gloriously died in battle.

Since Veterans Day is around the corner, we should understand who it honors and why. As a Marine veteran, I’m proud to say, I have willingly sacrificed my time and youth to protect my country. Like my fellow veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, we all have sacrificed for a greater common goal, which is to willingly protect the liberties and freedoms we as Americans enjoy.

It’s on this special November day, once a year that we can show our gratitude to the men and women who are serving or have honorably served our country. Some of our finest liberties and freedoms, the things that allow us to be Americans, have been bought with blood and tremendous sacrifice. It’s important to acknowledge these facts and not take them for granted, because no one likes to see their sacrifice and hard work be unacknowledged or worse unappreciated.

Our society is woven by many veterans past and present. From presidents to firemen; veterans comprise and make up much of our workforce. The owner of is a former Marine, our past president George W. Bush was a reserve fighter pilot, the list is endless. Many of our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers are wearing or have worn this nations military uniform. Some of us know uncles or aunts, teachers and friends who are currently serving or have served, so take some time to thank them. Imagine where we would be if our freedoms and liberties were infringed upon.

In Iran for example, women are not allowed to read certain books that we can freely read here in the USA. Women are forced to wear veils. Whereas in America; we are not forced to wear anything that infringes on our basic freedoms, religion here is a choice not an obligation. We are blessed to live in America, it is truly the land of the free and home of the brave, not because we deserve it, but because veterans have paid the price and continue to do so.

Tore It Up…


Today’s my birthday
one year older none
the wiser. I celebrate
my birthday with Godzilla’s
who rocked Japan in ’54;
tore it apart again in ’95

we roar, one from laughter
the other from horror.

Together, we bear the
brunt of educating
the masses of the
prevalent evil that
nuclear energy