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Tag: Wind


The palm tree and wind
Are intimate friends.

They play
Off each other in a
Lighthearted yet romantic dance.

It reminds me of a

While one leads, the other
Bends, and how the palm tree
shimmers in delight—swayed
And moved with such wind-swept ease;
Returning, only
To be touched and lovingly embrace again.


As I enter the Cathedral;

I know the silence
and stillness
that only
mornings bring.

I bring my books,
my bible,

My poetry, and
My mathematical lessons.

I play
My favorite jazz station.

Enough volume
so that
only I
could hear

The variations,
The rhythms, and
The switching

Enough volume
so that
Only I

The birds sing

in tune
With the wind.

In Irons


My voyage
is in shambles.
Worked so hard and
In a twinkling of an eye,
I’m at square one.

I don’t know why
Things turn out
The way they do?

I pray for direction
And fortitude.

You know my heart,
Oh God.

Things can
Always be worse,

I understand the
Of consequential

Nothing about this
Is dignified,

Nothing about my
Plight exists
Right now,

Other than
Momentary grief.

It’s time to start over,
And get a fresh wind.

I’m stuck in irons and
Need to release
My rudder,

While I
Set sail for
A better place.

Winds Majestical Voice


Shimmering oaks
dance and frolic-
when the song
of leaves are heard.

It’s one sure
way we hear
the winds
majestical voice.