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Like Glue—Poem

My wife is a rock
She works so hard to make ends meet.

Her concern is for our safety
to make sure we’re not faltering,
emotionally, financially, morally.
When she’s troubled she calls me
on the phone;
If there’s good news,
I’m the first one she shares it with.
I reciprocate her affection,
with flowers, poems, and tender touches.

We’re best friends.
Our most important trait is
Let me clarify:
No marriage is without bumps.
It’s not always love, love, love.
We bicker over many things.
Sometimes it’s trivial, even though
It always seems “important” at the time.

Yet, we never give up on each other,
instead we compromise:
we say, “I’m sorry.”
and try to rectify our behavior.
It’s a marital dance—
a passionate tango
at times its jolting,
often times its smooth.
a relationship between
two strong-willed humans,
works only
if there’s commitment:
love and sacrifice,
and plenty of laughter
which acts like glue.

Morning stretch-poem

I turned over this morning
to readjust.
Woke myself up.
My wife is getting ready in the bathroom.
I stretch and yawn.
Good morning babe.
“Good morning,” comes the response.
“I’m heading out,” she says.
Come here and give me a kiss.
I’m still in a morning daze.
She leans over and gives me a kiss
I grab her
playfully fondle her.
She leaves.
I turn around, close my eyes
and go back to sleep.


I left the air conditioning on
There’s cool air outside,
a fresh gentle breeze
that slides its way in to
the home when the windows
are open.

I went upstairs got into bed
and forgot to turn it off.
Note to self:

If you want to get along
with the wife, don’t be
extravagant, pop open
the windows and let the
evening air cool the house.
Least their be frigid air
between you and her—

air that doesn’t cool down
air that suffocates the life
out of what could
have been a love bond.

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