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Framed Gift-Poem

I wrote a poem on my
Signed and dated,
encased in a wood and glass frame.
A gift for a friend.
Art and gift
are synonymous.
Aesthetic pleasure
derived from knowing
we’re not alone in
this dreadful world.
That there are others
who steal time from their
busy lives.
Who stop and create,
perceive beauty
then frame it for us.

What I Like-Poem

I’m into moonlight working its way through my blinds—
vintage film cameras with lots of chrome,
a good storyline that carries a book,
an old typewriter that ends with cling.

I love a beautiful poem that makes me smirk—
a crystal glass with smooth single malt,
thick oil paint on canvas with colors that merge, and
a lively conversation with plenty of puns.

Boom, boom, boom, ding


good friend

never have enough

typewriters are

like women

conversation piece