Who came up with the Brilliant
Idea to take ‘very’,
Out of our syntax?

It’s the darnedest request I’ve ever Heard.

It’s an outrage to tease us
With words that are
Snobbishly shunned.

As if to say, it’s beneath
Our day to day eloquence, for us to Mention it,
So don’t say It at all.

Very, rhymes with fairy, was
Told to us by Dr. Seuss.

Very nicely done, always
Sounds great— when it’s
Directed at us too.

Sasquatch seems, very hairy
Similar to a Rastafarian
That’s never shaved!

I enjoy the word, ‘very’, I’m
Petitioning for it to be quickly Reinstalled.

It’s not lazy to use very
In a sentence, it’s just
Happens to be a familiar word.