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Words Cannot Explain-Poem

When I touch you
I feel the light of the universe
a billion years old
traveling through your flesh.
When you touch me
the warmth of infinite
suns dance in oblivion
through me.

We call this love—

We dare to frame
the unfathomable
between the letter L and
letter E.

You and I contain
the secrets of the universe.
Secrets that barren words
cannot explain.

A million poets will speak
about this mystery
not one of us
will ever
clarify what it is—
it’s in our hearts
and in our mouths,
found in the warmth of your
skin pressed against mine.
It’s in the way
you call me by my name,
your laughter
and tender embrace.

I Like-Poem

I like people who are quirky and fun;
while waiting for the universe to decide whether
or not to be bloated or cry.

Poem-Capricious Lady

Last night I slept
under a blanket of
stars, warmed
by the comfort of
Andromeda’s gaze.

It was there
I touched the
Milky Way’s

I rested my
head on
a feathered pillow
floating on a
midnight colored lake.

I contemplated
the infinite
that life exist

on those
nebulous clouds
that lightly stroke
the noir colored sky.

I witnessed
the trail
of a meteorite
and overheard
a wishful prayer
from a
stargazed child,

hoping along with him
that his petition
be heard.

while the
breeze of awe
my naked

I disappeared
into the
the obscurity
of the universe

and dreamt

whose watchful eyes
are moved by
the splendid
contrast of
and infinite