Try Outs

We had a temporary dog,
It was on probation to see if
We all clicked together as
A family.

We temporarily, named him
Charlie. We’ve had
A couple pets we’ve named
Charlie, after the morose
But affable Schulz character
We grew up watching on TV.

Charlie was a fluffy,
Adorably mischievous,
Yorkie, who always seemed
To be running on Red Bull.

The puppy literally, jumped
Off the walls, couches and
Beds, chasing our toddlers or
An imaginary fast friend.

It was trained to
Pee and pooh Indoors.

Sure, we’d take him
Out to do its
Business. Where he
Just loved to frolic
On the grass, chase it’s
Tail and work up a sweat—

Always to the cadence
Of, “hurry up and pee,
Charlie” which

He understood as,
“don’t neglect to run
around the tree a
few more times.”

Exasperated, we’d take
Him back Inside were
He’d run to the
Water bowl and
Sate his thirst.

After a while, we’d find a
Surprise on The couch.
My poor green couch
Charlie’s rest stop—

He’d take a necessary
Bathroom break
And a little nap.

The last time we saw Charlie,
He was trying out for another
Family’s affection.

They are the
Owners of a
Lovely white