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When We Left Spain


Mi alma te espera
Kon amor.
Kuando salimos de Espanya-
eya mos aborreció.
Ajénos éramos
almas sin patria
y eya sin temor.
Al mar fuimos
kon lágrimas
Ke las espumas
las trago. Una por
una ahí se kedaron.
Mientras mosotros
mos mudamos a las
quatro esquinas
de la tyérra komo
discho Muestro


My soul awaits
you with love.
When we left Spain
she vomited us out.
We were foreigners
souls without Country
and she without fear.
As we went to the Sea
whose foam swallowed,
our tears-
one by one there they stayed-
while we moved to the four
corners of the world,
as Our LORD foretold
it would be.