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Mimicking My Heart

The day I met you
I swear I found

Here we are now
I’m still
Needing loving hugs.

Your sweet caress,
Your little wink,
Your loving words,
I find myself persistently,
Soliciting from you.

Have I told you
That I enjoy holding
Your hand while
We kiss?

And, running joyously
Together in the surf.

While the waves
Pound the beach—
Mimicking my heart.

Pour Me A Glass Of California Wine


Pour me a glass
of red California

the mountains
surrounding the
Pacific bay.

I’ll tell you a story
about the Ocean Blue.

As the ambrosia hits
my veins.

Red as the wine
from our costal region.

When I go to
the beach,
I take off my shoes

wiggle my toes in
the cold sand.

Or how
I helped my friend
build his patio deck.

between us,
who could drive
a sixteen penny
nail with one blow.

How at Año Nuevo
we surfed until dark,

barely seeing
the sets
once the sun
was drowned
by the horizon.

And, how those waves
were just right,

double overhead
and glassy
even at night.

I can tell you about 125,
but I won’t because
those are secrets
I share with my wife.

Pour me a glass of
red California wine,
and I’ll tell you
the road I’ve been