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Learning To See-Poem

I’ve returned to my childhood neighborhood.
Walking the streets again,
remembering the places
where I had my first special experiences. The place
where I held my first girlfriends hand,
it’s the area where I had my first sweet kiss.
They’re beautiful memories that come back-to-mind.

It’s sunny outside and
I’m smitten by the way the sunlight
dances off your lavender shutter doors,
I’d never seen it, even though I must
have walked this certain path hundreds of times before.

I’m older now, now I stop to notice a little bit longer,
I’m cautious with special moments, I savor
them, I’m making up for the brashness of my youth.
I didn’t have the maturity to stop and look when I was young,
to really observe the beauty of life;

But now, I notice how the sun changes your lavender shutters
to a dusty rose hue, In a split second, I stop to take-it-in,
it’s exhilarating, a special convocation of beauty
found in the simplest of things.

Now, I turn and see how a verdant
green maple leaf is slightly motioned
by the sway of wind and the leaf turns
from its original color to a beautiful cerulean blue.
Everything is in slow motion, magnificent and sublime–
in my old neighborhood
I’m learning to see one more time.

Sunlight And Hair