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You Are Winter


Night Flower

Last night I was throwing
A pity party,
I got myself all worked up for nothing.

Reading about other peoples
Successes, is difficult
Right now.

I’m in a precarious place,
Transitioning from being
Self-employed to seeking
Employment a fresh.
I feel like

I’m reinventing myself.
I’m self-conscious and
Vulnerable. To say its a
Humbling experience,
Is an understatement.

One thing I can count on
Is my family, I have a
Support system that loves
Me tremendously.

Most of the time I’m pumped
About the future, but during
Times of solitude I catch
Myself thinking about the
Hole I’m currently in.

I hate looking in the mirror,
Because I’m
Reminded of more of my
Failures than what I’ve

So, I write about it,
It helps to relieve the
Anxiety I feel about
The unknown and chaos
I currently own.

I know it’s not wise to
Compare oneself to others,
But it’s hard not to fall
Into that trap in times
Like these.

My wife told me something
Eloquent and it stuck with Me.
“Live everyday the best
You can—for God, yourself
And your family. If you do
That, you will succeed.”

Such words of wisdom
Are important to digest they
Help nourish my soul.

If I could sum all this up
Poetically it be:

I’m Like a strand of
Jasmine that grows
In between two massive oak
Trees, canopy covered and
Hardly sun touched.

Who’s envious of the roses
That bathe in magnificent warmth;

While, I frantically struggle to be
Nourished by the midday

but come nightfall the
Moon and the stars shine their
Brilliant light—

Me to feel that I have
A little bit of hope,
As I envelop myself in the
Coolness and darkness
Of the night.


Break forth
glorious sun
shine once again.
I need to feel your
loving warmth.

I’m cold and shivering,

It’s your fire
I passionately desire.

To bath in your
wondrous light,

To feel the radiance
of your powerful glow.

caress my longing soul, and
help me to always, always grow.

I want to sense the
tingle in my skin when I
feel the touch of
your heated embrace—

from the tip
of my sultry head down
to my sullen toes.

Chase Away My Troubles

The sound of

The soulful
Songs of
And mirth,


Care or dismay;

Are the simple
Pleasures of
Happy play.

Nothing seems
To stand
In their
Way .

Sing children,

Let your
Drown out my

Like the sun
The darkest

I need
Songs to
Wipe away my

And chase
My sorrows.

My Son’s Garden


Yishai is growing a garden.
He’s growing green beans, radishes
cantaloupes, cucumbers, onions,
and pumpkins.

So far he’s harvested a cantaloupe
It was the sweetest fruit a ten year
old has grown.

The garden is well watered and the
warm California sun helps to enrich
his cultivation with its life
giving rays.

He tends to his little garden
with anticipated joy,
as soon as he comes back
from school, off he goes
to check to see if the cantaloupe has
grown any
since yesterday.

He’s proud of his growing
Once in a while,
he’ll bring me a radish or
green bean he’s grown.

Taking it in my hand,
I thank him and the creator
for the bountiful harvest and eat it.
Yum, yum, yum I say as I pat him
On the back, “good job son”
“Give me a high five”

Summer Sun


Summer sun
embrace me.

I long for
your heated

I need to
feel your
from my head
to my toes.