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June Seventh-poem

Feeling unpoetic today—
June seventh twenty sixteen.
I’ve been contemplating
I don’t know.
I suppose
I can describe my room:

Wide arch into the bath
nicely shadowed white.
Fan above swirling at a
moderate speed.
The TV’s on but I’m not watching.
Purely background noise.
I’m lying on my bed with legs lazily spread.

My door is open while the light gently slips in.
I can feel the warmth of summer seep in through my window shutters like a thin veil; pushed aside by the
cool breeze of the air conditioner kissing my face.

Three Spanish Olives

Once In a while,
I feel like
driving to a bar and
ordering a dry
vodka martini.

Sit there and
twirl the three
Spanish olives
I request.

Preferably a place
that is well lit with
soft jazz, listening
to the horn blow and
piano rhythmically tap.

Slowly sipping my drink,
letting my problems
slide right down my
parched throat.

My mind
feeling aired out,
the way the delta
breeze is invited
windows partly opened,
during those
warm summer nights.

Those sweltering
summer nights,
that scream for a
alleviating, and
windswept caress.

Morning Poem

The alarm catches me sleeping.
I roll out of bed,
I’m covered in sweat.
The fan is oscillating
stagnant wind.

My room is muggy.
Summer is almost over
summer’s delayed her
stay in my room.

The house is warm
except the bathroom,
there’s a radio speaking,
carrying on a one-side muffled conversation, alleviating my
temporary loneliness.

I’m anticipating a luke-warm shower
to take-away my stiffness.
I’m wanting to scrub
the nights sweat and
dark dreams off my body.
I want to walkout feeling light again—smelling morning clean.

Summer Sun


Summer sun
embrace me.

I long for
your heated

I need to
feel your
from my head
to my toes.

Summer Shade


Ever consider the trees?
How green
and magnificent
they are;
during summer-
giving us
there shade.

During fall
the leaves
slowly dissipate,
leaving them barren
through winter.
When everything
seems to die?

Then back again
for spring.
Giving us hope
for new life!

If we could listen
to the trees-
they tell a story.

A lesson in life-

That everything has
a season,
just like the
wise king



Bring out the shorts
put away the sweaters
the change in season
is felt as the
temperature rises.

Our children are out
of school and more
voices are heard
in our homes.

There’s something
about warm days
when kids get
tanned and grow taller.

With sandaled naked feet
we receive peripatetic
comfort and additional
toe tans-while watching
our tomatoes grow
up vines springing
from the dark fertile earth.

Ripe and juicy days
spent outdoors
smelling the thick
scented air. A cacophony
of fragrances depending
on where you live
from Blue Bonnets
to lavender.

My favorite is the
damp scent of
grape vines, it’s the
smell of California’s
Mediterranean manna.
When crushed it
brings forth the
nectar of the gods.