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The Joker

I’ve been recently railroaded,
Mercilessly berated over a few more dollars my family needed.

Due to the economy and seemingly endless Middle East Petro Wars:
So many of us small business men, are being left un-hinged like a broken door someone angrily kicked in.

We fight over a few extra dollars like hungry raving dogs.

Ever since that plane flew into the Twin Towers and was caught by someone’s timely video recorder—

Whose grotesque imagery left this country visually shaken like cancer no amount of Chemo can cure.

The scenes of fire and explosions—men throwing themselves out of high-rise buildings trying to escape the inevitable.

Little did we know, that the inevitable has since become our perpetual sun.

Kudos to Heath Ledger and his superb portrayal of Batman’s nemesis, the Joker:

That devilish fiend, who introduces
“a little bit of Chaos”
into Gotham’s dark metropolis.

I have to say, that little line, perfectly sums up our current travails, it’s become our country’s collective—gnashing of our teeth.

Those militant men who hijacked the 9-11 planes, with simple box-cutter knives, they represent the Jokers of our troubled times:

“They just want to see the world burn.” Exactly like Batman’s butler told Bruce Wayne. No rhyme or reason at all, they just want to see things blow up and burn.

Thus here we are: economically shaken, trigger happy patrol-men with AR-15’s, shooting first and asking question later.

I thought I’d never see us descend into a third-world country like atmosphere. With gas prices massively inflated; constant bankruptcies, thousands of people left destitute and hungry—while the bloated tycoons of Wall Street gloat over a glass of imported Chardonnay and Beluga caviar in their Hampton beach-side homes.

With one Allah Akbar our glorious Nation was left in total disarray. Reeling like a drunkard who has seriously lost his way.

Off to war go our troops, as IED’s blow them up and make them fly like odd looking blood-bathed kites that gravity viciously pulls down with all it’s might. all captured magnificently, edited for our viewing pleasure, on the nightly news.

I wonder what it must feel like to be a mom seeing her beloved son, whom she lovingly birthed, nourished and fed, fly with twisted metal in a macabre flash-bang of a roadside bomb?

All for what? Oil? Ha!

No one I know has benefitted from that except; Exxon’s CEO’s, their shrewd investment bankers, and fat hedge fund managers.

The trickle down economy has somehow gotten a clogged artery and is in need of an emergency bypass, while the doctor’s on an extended vacation somewhere in Cancun.

Leaving our servicemen, who’ve bled and left limbs on those dirty desert roads:
killing themselves in suicide escapades no one wants to talk about—it’s worse than a medieval plague, a silent killer swept under the proverbial,
“carpet of denial.”

Even our constitution since that god forsaken day has been slowly eroding—we blame Allah for our patriot act, and the spectacle of al-Jazira beheadings?

Really? As far as I know Allah hasn’t sent one Marine Expeditionary Unit to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Though someone’s sure as heck, sent them to Fallujah to die fighting insurgents in Close Quarter Combat.

Woes me, all I see is The joker laughing when he demands to make that important cell phone call:

Seems we cannot come to grips with the chaos left by the ashes that descended on that fateful September day in 2001—
when the president emphatically said, this is our, “Nation’s wake up call!”

Here’s the kicker, the irony of it all, we’re left without a Batman, a Dark Knight to save the day; our bat sign was blown to bits when that plane struck the towers on National TV,

and left a massive hole in our country’s heart.

Is ground zero in New York?
I think not,
The Joker seems to have everybody fooled,
ground zero has always been about
you and me, here, the right now, the joke’s been on the collective us.

Goethe Wrote A Book


Goethe wrote a book
The Sorrows of Young Werther
Suicides it brought