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The Heir Speaks To His Falcon Part I

In a time long ago,
A prince, heir to the throne
Bored by the mundane
Escaped to distant fields
Near his palace that lay over
The hill. There he and his beloved
Falcon sat and played.

The prince read his poetry
As the falcon swayed.

Then, he would gently run his
dark fingers through
His falcon’ soft feathers and whisper,
What do you see Abu my beloved pet?

What do you see my friend, when I release
You with your vision sharp?

What do you see when you soar from your
Heights over my vast kingdom?

Do you see the children play
And hear their joyful screams?

Can you hear old couples quarrel?

Do you see young lovers kiss?

Tell me Abu, how the river bends
And the soothing delicate music
the water makes
When it falls against glistening

Tell me my friend, about
the scents the
Orange groves give,
Does it mix with the aroma of
mint that grows wild on the

Can you describe the music,
Can you describe the songs,
Tell me about the revelry
Induced by wine and the merry

But most of all Abu,
Tell me about the poets and
How they structure their lines?

What fanciful words do they use
To describe the morning light?

Tell me about the passion they
Use to describe romantic love.

Do they recite their poems in
the dark?

I will release you now my
Beloved friend, come back
To me with good words.

You’re my eyes and ears
While I remain here
Trapped in my gilded