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Memorial Day 2016-poem

The live oaks are green
almost impervious to drought—
My kids are alive,
swimming in a resort pool
while I watch them
scream with glee.
The grey squirrel almost blue
running up and down the seasoned tree
showing off for a gallery of kids.
Excited, ecstatic, joyous
“Look at the squirrel.”
If those who paid the ultimate price
could see what I see,
Perhaps they’d say
it’s a price worth giving…
While the living celebrate life
on another Memorial Day—
and the live oaks continue
to grow green leaves.



Corner Of Oakdale And Merle


On the corner
of Oakdale
and Merle,
I saw a grey
trying to cross
the busy street.

He made
it-by the skin
of his teeth.

I felty pity
for the little
critter, whose
space we rudely

He’s now got
to contend
with a
Starbucks on
the self same

His chances of
Survival is

with coffee
Patrons who
drive up for
their morning

What’s the odds
of that?