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Tag: Sea of Love

I’m Drowning

I put my life vest on
Because I’m
Going for a plunge.

The waters are deep
And so many strong
Swimmers have
Drowned, I know a few
Friends of mine
that have
Never been found.

There are no
instruction or
Warnings, and
Are useless,
There is no adequate
Training to save anyone.

These waters are new
for the uninitiated,
They’re infested.
Survival depends on
Perseverance and laughter
On romance and
Commitment, without
Compromise you’ll
Certainly go down.

There are
No guarantees
At all for survival
Some say it depends on
Dumb luck.

It’s hazardous, but
One thing
I’m certain of
Is that I’m happy
Treading water,

Swimming in the Sea
Of Love.

The Poet’s Chamber Door

Poetry offers a glimpse into secret chambers, found in an imaginative yet vividly real home that overlooks the universe.

The poet piously hands you a key to enter into his concealed chamber—the one he discovered and built.

It’s the same house that carefully guards Pythagoras’ theorem, Husserl’s Dialectics and Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

It’s the house that stores great Jazz music, Mozart’s Requiem, and Picasso’s Blue Period.

All truthful artist, have selectively fashioned their own chamber keys that hide their personal treasures inside.

Within the first stanza of a poem, if you are perfectly still and your mind is free of distractions you can faithfully enter in.

Once inside, you can run barefooted on sun-drenched prairie grass, dip your toes into the sea of love or taste the fragrance of moonlit jasmine while your hand caresses the infinite sky.

You can wallow in the melancholy of sorrow, wade the lake of despair or take a train ride through the forest of transcendence, while katydids hum at butterflies.

But first, you must be willing to lose yourself, if only for a moment , concentrate on listening while quietly opening the poet’s chamber door and
Leaving all your baggage outside.