Ba’ath Party Mustaches | Fall Of Baghdad 1st Mar Div

Dedicated to the boys of 1st Marine Division,
who participated in the fall of Bagdad
spring of 2003
Ba’ath Party mustaches
Collected like one collects
innocuous coffee mugs.

We’ll get you one by one.

We invaded your country
on the pretense
That your facial hair offends.

O Babel your time has come—
The wrath of God is upon you and
Your renaissance will be justly

The cards are now on the table,

There’s no where to run.

You thought you had one
More ace up your sleeve,

But you ran out of
lamb and Kurds
to serve.

No longer will you enjoy your
extravagant palaces with
Ornate gilded mirrors,

The Devil Dogs have been released.

And your elaborate whiskers have

The symbol of a
predetermined blood bath;

The end of a murderous
love affair.