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Etched In My Heart—Poem

Etched in my heart—your
Kind smile and selfless devotion.

Etched in my heart—
A photograph of you holding
a bundle of love.

Etched in my heart—the way
your hands work,
helping to make ends meet.

Etched in my heart—your honesty
and sympathy, the way you you help us
stay on solid ground.

Etched in my heart—how beautiful
you look when you wake up out of bed.

Etched in my heart—you nurture us
all with sweetness, compassion, and
soothing words.

Etched in my heart—your love for family,
and the way you stand up for what’s right.
Regardless of personal peril you always
keep us on a steady course.

Etched In My Heart-Poem

And, I carried a photograph of you
in my left breast pocket.
When I first saw you I was smitten.
I’d take it out here-and-there,
peek and catch my breath,
then lose it again when I deeply sighed—
Wishing I was near you.

Infatuation developed into the deepest love.
We found our rhythm
And before I knew it, our precious babies
were brought forth.

If I could bottled up what I feel for you—
the universe couldn’t contain it;
It’s as lavish as a Supernova, yet as delicate
as the tiniest Delphinium petal.

You’ve given me,
my most precious memories,
my cherished children.
And most of all,
an understanding about
the myriad benefits of love.

Today the photograph of you
I once carried
is etched
on my heart.

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