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Prayer After Rain-Poem

I’m the hawk gliding low,

I’m the dove cooing

in a field of yellow daisies.

I’m the fresh air after the rain.

The desert rose watered by love.

The smell of a freshly cut lawn.

I’m the tributary carrying

melted mountain snow.

I’m the thunder’s mighty roar.

I’m the pregnant sky about

to release my wine and

make the fertile soil give

birth to wondrous things.

On The Run


Kaddish For My Father


My own mortality is after me,
chasing me in the recesses of my mind
I think about it all the time…
Ever since my father left me, left me behind.
The thoughts of death, of what it means to me
pursues me almost frequently.

Thoughts shift to my children,
what will be their legacy?
Questions about their future,
I cannot seem to bind.

On my fathers death anniversary, we piously pray
a solemn prayer, a mourners prayer,
It becomes an orphans prayer.

Death, it comes so suddenly!
One day we were speaking,
the next day silence between
Him and I.

I miss my dad, his courage,
His reassurance that everything
Would work out fine.
I’d give anything for a few more words
With him…

What a Miserable state I find myself in.
During my lifetime, during my days!
Blessed be He. vimeru, Amen.