Sonnet | Counter Arguments

1. The room next door ushers familiar voices as
2. My wife and son are arguing over explicit possibilities filtering through my door jamb.
3. The train wreak that can become if given into promiscuity and
4. The infidelity of family members two-faced salutations.
5. He’s eighteen now, it’s time to let go.
6. But the words we speak (I’m now involved) linger, as we try to counsel him, as we
7. Try to persuade him, the way well meaning parents often do, by life’s many experiences
8. We’ve gone through, the many things we’ve seen add up to examples
9. Of success or unnecessary downfalls.
10. He’s at a crossroad, will it be college? We hope so.
11. He stands up for the promiscuous family members in his life, he argues
12. For the downtrodden. Their promiscuity is a result of the, “hand they were given”, he says.
13. The need and love of money is also promiscuous, as bad or worse than drugs is the counter-argument he makes.
14. The many arguments that were spoken remain like a foggy cloud hovering over a desolate pond.