Hot Pink Finger Nails


How different are men
from women?

My darling lovely wife
in one conversation
we had,

was so enthusiastic
to describe, her newly
purchased nail polish.

It was a hot pink color
she’d just picked up.

The hue set her
fingers a’ fire.

She absolutely
loves pink.

I was awestruck
and grinning from
cheek to cheek,

as I listened to her
gush and squeal
over her aesthetic
choice of nail color.

On the one hand,
I was thinking about
how her newly
painted nails,

would look on
my olive
skinned back?

At least for a moment
that thought made me

My next thought was
about that
M1 Carbine

I saw at
the pawn shop
near my home.

How balanced
it felt
in my hands
as I picked it up,

pulled the receiver
back and
let it ram forward
on its own.

While pretending it was
locked and loaded,

I wondered, if it seen
any action storming
the beaches at Anzio?

Or perhaps fighting with
The 1st Marine Division
in the Pacific island
of Peleliu?

All of this
was thought,
while I was
putting a bead on a
guitar across the shop.

For a moment that guitar
became my mortal enemy,
as I lined up the
rear and front sights

Standing there,
ram rod still,
with my pointer
finger lightly
the trigger,

I pulled it
gently back.

The action
was smooth.

The battle rifle
was well preserved
and oiled.

It would make a
fantastic addition
to my mental
gun collection.

Suddenly, I was
interrupted by
my wife’s voice.

“Honey, what do you think
of this hot pink?”
“Isn’t it lovely?”

I smiled, nodded
and said,
“ I love it.”