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Touch The Heart-Poem

in his musings
picasso stated that
he wished to paint as a poet writes.

pablo picasso’s most prized possession—
an autographed first-edition
manuscript from poet
and confidant,

What is poetry?

elusive, mysterious
and dark;

poetry the queen of all literature and art
by which romantics channel their unfailing love
poetry has the power to touch the heart.

Less Is More


Picasso implied, that
giving someone
too many colors,
was detrimental
to their creativity.

I agree, now that
I’ve experienced

Its very difficult,
to make decisions
when we have too many
Crayolas, at our

“Give them three colors”,
I told my wife,
much to her chagrin.

“A famous artist
recommended that,
less is more.”

Less is more, is
the quintessential
lesson in life.



Picasso said that
Like poetry, art must be
greatly inspired.