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Don’t Study Philosophy

Why you should reconsider becoming a philosophy major.

Look what happened to me:

* I hate academia and macadamia nuts.
* I think way too much—over analyze.
* I can’t buy into the status quo or any presidential nominees.
* I have an outrageous sense of humor, that frankly, no one understands.
* I am bitterly sarcastic about everything.
* I read philosophy to settle down while I drink beer—Thank you Prof. Robin Roth.
* Rather than listen to music on my way to work, I listen to erudite people explain the meaning of things. Everyone finds this boring except “moi.”
* I rather go to a book store and read Dante or Nietzsche than go to a party.
* I have a hard time understanding adults and their silly views.
* Religion and I are bitter polemical friends—
*I am a mental mess when left alone with my thoughts.

If you want to mess up your life forever be a philosophy major.

Postmodern Bias—philosophy

Postmodern dilemma—
Everything that’s written
is biased.

When Nietzsche
declared God is dead,
so went objectivity.


Sometimes rejection hurts.
I have tough skin.
I have worldly experience.
I know that life’s hard.
I’ve been around the block twice.
It’s just another day in the life of an artist.
You only live once.
Repeat after me:
It’s their loss, not mine, and
what Nietzsche said,
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

Philosophical Clarification—Poem

Philosophy clarification—
Nietzsche’s Gay Science
(Die fröhliche Wissenschaft) or
gai saber
is not about homosexuality.
(It contains Nietzsche’s poems)
It alludes to Provençal poetry
that is, poets of Provence—
Troubadours whose poetry
contributed to the birth of
modern European poetry.
Even though I disagree
with this narrative—anyone
with half-a-brain knows
that Andalusians birthed
European poetics and that
Troubadour’s derived their
skills from Iberian bards—
whose minarets daily announced
in loud voices—
God is great!

On Hapiness and Suffering—Poem

Nietzsche left his prestigious professorship at Basel
to dedicate himself to writing
his home became the Swiss Alps
His philosophy effused with mountain air,
he began to suffer.

Writing brings its form of tribulation,
There’s no money in it,
food and clothing becomes scarce.
there’s a mental battle—stress that comes
from the need to survive and
the desire for creativity.

Art is not easy to create:
not the kind that changes history,
not the kind that moves humanity;
many travel the road, but few come out
on the other side, because as the
hardships arise they lose
their motivation.

His philosophy was shaped
by the understanding that
life gives us moments of
euphoria and adversity.

They’re twin sisters—
two distinct notes
that should be used in order
to compose beautiful and
meaningful music.

An artist that perceives
the importance of
pleasure and distress
who doesn’t eschew one
for another, Nietzsche
believes—has a greater
chance to to make lasting
and memorable art.

Nietzsche misunderstood



Small Talk


How can I woo
you back?

I don’t always
want to
write about
Nietzsche or
Existential angst.

There’s a time and place
for that.

I just want to lie
here and look into
your eyes.

Have some small
talk while
I gently
rub your

I’d love for
you to enjoy
the simple
things I
write about

Like how
I mismatch
my socks
or how
I crack my
right thumb
at night.

Climb into
this warm
bed with me,

and we’ll
talk about
we are
cozy and
fall asleep.



the best



What is it that barflies do?
Sitting all day and night
drinking bar drinks.

I’d like to think that they
sit and philosophize.
In between
sips of Bacardi and Coke,
perhaps they think of the
meaning of things or
multiple infinities.

Some of my best discussions
on Nietzsche or Sartre
were over a pint of
Guinness with
my schoolmates at a Pub.

Husserl’s ideas sound better
after a couple shots of Scotch.

Though some would argue that
phenomenology goes better with Gin.
I counter that argument with
a splash of Tonic Water
over a Johnny Walker and ice.

But, that’s just me-
I’m not really
a lush-I just like to
drink and muse over
Postmodernist like
Derrida or
Solomon ibn Verga.

In the end, there nothing
more interesting
than bar-room philosophy.

Unless you start
slurring your theories.