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On Hapiness and Suffering—Poem

Nietzsche left his prestigious professorship at Basel
to dedicate himself to writing
his home became the Swiss Alps
His philosophy effused with mountain air,
he began to suffer.

Writing brings its form of tribulation,
There’s no money in it,
food and clothing becomes scarce.
there’s a mental battle—stress that comes
from the need to survive and
the desire for creativity.

Art is not easy to create:
not the kind that changes history,
not the kind that moves humanity;
many travel the road, but few come out
on the other side, because as the
hardships arise they lose
their motivation.

His philosophy was shaped
by the understanding that
life gives us moments of
euphoria and adversity.

They’re twin sisters—
two distinct notes
that should be used in order
to compose beautiful and
meaningful music.

An artist that perceives
the importance of
pleasure and distress
who doesn’t eschew one
for another, Nietzsche
believes—has a greater
chance to to make lasting
and memorable art.

December Love-poem 

There’s something enchanting about December,

It’s the holiday music,

brisk cold air, while I’m sitting by

a fireplace alone with my thoughts.


It’s also the season of despair, if you’re out of work,

like so many people out there that are begging for a chance.

Both are on the same coin that’s tossed in the air.

It depends on how it lands,

Heads—cling the crystal, there’s happiness and cheer.

Tails—I raise my voice and say, “perhaps

I’ll have better luck next year.”


I’ve been at both places, many people have.

Try to make the best of every circumstance,

live for the moment, be grateful for the good times,

embrace your loved ones, no matter where you’re at;


because, love transcends riches and poverty. Love

is the one thing that can be given freely.

Miles Can Blow


Ramble On

On my way out today,
I started my hybrid
nothing but a hum.

Not like the cars I
grew up with, loud,
gas guzzlers. This
one is quiet—

is golden and if
I had a gold sticker
I’d give it one.

My wife is having cramps;
non menstrual, she said,

“The pain comes in waves.”

Waves are the heartbeat of our world,
I could listen to them for hours, I feel
centered with the
rhythm of the ocean’s sound.

Somehow, the conversation was
redirected to constipation,
but she said that she
had a bowel movement already,
so constipation was ruled out.

Andrea asked me, what kind
of medicine I was going to get at
? Sarcastically—I replied,
stool softener.

It became a heated argument, I don’t
, I finally replied.
I’m not a doctor.

I’ll ask the pharmacist?

I took three boys, Alex, Levi, and Drake.
We loaded up on my grey Prius and fired up
my playlist. It’s nice to start off with,
Cab Ride For Cuties,
“Soul meets Body”,
loud and acoustically clear.
Every drum beat crisp.

We drove in silence down 20,
Listening to the sound of music
Juxtaposed with snow capped mountains,
It was visually fantastic audio ecstasy.

When we arrived, I went straight to
the pharmacist, told her all that I knew
of my wife’s condition. She recommended
stool softener.

I laughed and said, that’s what
I had prescribed, earlier. If I get that
they’re going to think, I didn’t even try.

On the way out of the store,
a heavy set man was panting,
trying to catch his breath.
I knew he was in trouble.

He was frozen,
holding onto his cart
and breathing exceedingly

I heard people’s commotion and someone
said, “the paramedics are on the way.”

We walked to Whole Foods, to get
Whole Foods is across
the way from Safeway.
I found Spanish Brown lentils,
I checked out as I smiled at the cashier.

On our way back home
the song, Ramble On,
came on.
The sound was clear
with Jimmy’s guitar riffs,
John’s precision drumming and
John Paul’s rhythmic bass—
complementing Robert’s sensual voice.

I commented to the boys,

“They don’t make music like
that anymore, that’s why
they’re gods.”

In my thoughts, I was thinking
about that poor man, gasping for air.
I wonder if there was
anything I could have done?

When we left Whole Foods,
the paramedics were already
there. It was the second day of
January and already for him it
was a bad year.

He was old and heavyset.
I told the boys, when you’re
old and heavy you’re body
can’t take the pressure

Then I remembered that
actor from Spartacus.
He was well built,
trim, athletic and handsome.

He died after the first season.
He was in his 30’s.

I spoke to the boys, “see, it
doesn’t matter if you’re
old and fat, you can be
young and trim.”

When it’s your time to go
nothing can stop it.

There’s no secret to life—
You just have to live everyday
as a gift.

They’re familiar with the topic,
Their father is battling cancer,
as we speak.

You never know when your time
will come? We all agreed.
We all said it solemnly,
under our breath.

A profound conversation
about death, my nephews
and I had:

Existential dilemmas—
a topic Sartre would’ve

been proud of—
a discourse about mortality and existence:

A perfect contrast
between honest
questioning, a magical song,
and a country drive
in snow covered fields.

while Robert’s voice
sings about
moonlit autumn trees
rambling on…

Poetry Can Be|Haiku

Poetry can be
Like music, wonderfully
Rhythmic and touching.



We just received a
upright piano a gift
from a kind
family member.

I’m overwhelmed with

My son
has taken a keen
interest in making
the keys harmonize.

learning a few songs,
he plays them diligently.
Repeating them until
the rhythm is right.

It’s music to my ears
while I’m writing about

Like music, we have to
find the rhythm and
know which keys to
press to make
life’s musical

Imagination Land


I know a place in
the wooded trees
“Imagination Land”
Is the name
where I stand.

It’s my secret.
I go there to get away.
A place where I can-
just be me.

Picture a deep
green forest-
with air so pure
the weight which weighs
more than gravity…

The rustling of windy leaves.
Water bustling over rounded rocks.
Birds busily conversing with frogs.
Squirrels jumping from tree to tree.
Its nature at its very best.
Helping me-
to breath
a sigh of relief.

It’s a window of heaven
But better-
I’m consciously
The sun dancing in between
The green canopy
In tune with
the Previously described-

What great harmony.
Standing in the middle
of this cacophony.
Listening to natures
And, smelling the
Fragrant air of life-
All around me.