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Mothers Giving Love | Haiku

(Painting by Mary Cassatt)

With red cheeks she bore,
Her scars tell us the story,
Mother’s giving love.



Soft like the caress of
my baby daughter Hannah-
who in the morning pleads
for her bottle-a mixture
of milk and Pancake syrup.

Who rolls her eyes at every
sip, and plays with her soft
fine hair while in a trance.

I used to do the same thing
play with my hair-it was
comforting. Now, I know where
my daughter gets it from,
she craves softness.

Women’s breast are soft
They introduce us to the
nurturing concept. We all
have drank from our
Mothers-the milk of life.

Marines in the heat of a
battle, after being wounded
and feeling the pangs of
death ebbing its way towards
them, cry out for their mothers.

Mothers how soft to the
touch. Like a petal
of a rose.
The epitome of
warmth and love-

That with our last
breath we desire;

Your soft gentle touch.

Your soft whispering words.

Your soft fingers in between

the stands of our hair.

Softly speaking, cooing and

gently rocking us to sleep.



Heaving-it brings loved ones about-as
the body spasms its heirs
from the canal of life.

Some born in
clinical rooms
Some in
intimate bedrooms.

Shouting and tears…
The cervix is tout.

Dilated measurements
calculates the time of
fragmented spouse is
in dire anticipatory

Fears-Let’s it all out…
legs spread
on a hospital table-
the baby, is near!

Water broken, lets
The expecting
have clout.

Through spasms and heavy breathing
“push baby, you’re doing great” is heard.
In between sobbing and moaning.
I really want to see the flower
of this union!

“The baby’s
Head is visible”
the end is tangible and
finally-with a sigh
of relief
the fleshly loved one
is crying out loud!