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Mothers Love-poem

Mothers are important
They show us from an
early age what love is.

Mothers pamper us
with care and well being.

They clothe us
making sure we’re clean
after each mess.

They feed us
with special nutrients
their bodies produce.

Mothers are
our special
angels from God.

They cuddle us to sleep
and keep us lovingly warm.

Protective and nurturing,
mothers are our first teachers
who instruct us how to
appreciate and practice love.

I’ve been privileged and
seen this first hand
practiced by my adoring mother
and loving wife.

Happy Mothers Day



Mothers Day


Today is Mothers Day
What else can I Say?

You had the vision
to bring us to a new land.

you brought us up to appreciate
the important things in life.

If I could, I’d sing you a paean
dedicated to your motherly love.

Your resonating beauty who
could deny?

But, all I can do
today is thank you

and write you this little poem
of loving gratitude.



Heaving-it brings loved ones about-as
the body spasms its heirs
from the canal of life.

Some born in
clinical rooms
Some in
intimate bedrooms.

Shouting and tears…
The cervix is tout.

Dilated measurements
calculates the time of
fragmented spouse is
in dire anticipatory

Fears-Let’s it all out…
legs spread
on a hospital table-
the baby, is near!

Water broken, lets
The expecting
have clout.

Through spasms and heavy breathing
“push baby, you’re doing great” is heard.
In between sobbing and moaning.
I really want to see the flower
of this union!

“The baby’s
Head is visible”
the end is tangible and
finally-with a sigh
of relief
the fleshly loved one
is crying out loud!