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Man In The Mirror


Flowers For Me


Recently-I received
flowers from my wife.

I don’t get them often,
though I love them, they
remind me of life.

I’m attracted to
the brightness of
the colors,
the forms,
the intricacies
and scent
of the petals.

The ones I got
for Fathers Day-
are white with red
tips roses.

Roses the queen
of flowers, I once
planted a bunch.

I proposed in my
heart to plant
a rose garden-
some years back.

I told my loved
one, that flowers
would never be
missing from our

We have since moved
from that house.

Though every sabbath
I try my hardest
to remember to
decorate our
table with flowers.

The ones I have
are now

Still beautiful but
slowly losing their
youthful beauty.

when I look
at them, it’s
like looking
in the mirror.