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Old Corps




Some Leave Home

Some leave home
for the first time
young, bright,
full of hope.

On that final bus ride
the path is unclear.

The yelling starts, accentuated
with haircuts that
shed nonconformity;

everything that reminds
us of ourselves is neatly
sealed in a box.

We’re issued government
clothing, given
government food and sleep
on government cots.

We are trained to act
like a unit, trained
to march in cadence,
trained to shoot straight.

Somewhere down the line,
we all start to feel
pride. All the pull-ups,
all the sweat, begins to
make a difference in
our stride.

By graduation day we
look sharp,
spit polished;

we’re ready
to take on the

Off we go to our

In the end—

some will
never make it
back home.

That final bus ride
remains unclear.

Green Means Go


Green means go,
isn’t it ironic
how certain
colors communicate
to us?

Without these
simple traffic
and what they
signify, we’d
be up a creek,
a wreak on every
street. No one
would know
when to stop,
or when to go?

In this day an
age it would be
impossible to
not have traffic
lights. We depend
on colors to
direct our lives.

Yellow means
caution. When we see
yellow, it’s time
to slow down.

In the military
we live in yellow
the time.

Red means stop.
It’s the color of
extreme caution.
“When we see red”,
It’s a metaphor
to look out.

It’s the color
of blood. It’s a
high visibility hue.

On infantry missions
when we were
given the signal
to stop, it meant
stop and listen.

If we neglected
that order we
would put
everyone’s life
in danger.
That was a crime
in the Corps.