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Poetry Saves Again—Poem

Poetry saved my marriage—
time spent contemplating
the desire I feel and
the yearning I have for her time.

Sometimes flowers
can’t spell it out—
My woman loves to
hear enunciated romantic
doting things.

I wrote her a book
of poems and tender sentiments.
in America its considered goofy
but Latin’s are silly
about romance.

I have no shame in telling her
her movements are poetic,
her caresses spark an internal fire,
her kisses make me lightheaded or
that I’m crazy for her soft words
they make me drunk, intoxicated—
I stagger when she comes to bed
with black nylons
her tantalizing lips painted red.

I articulate how I feel with ardor
and she loves every minute
we spend dancing between
the sheets exchanging words and
other yearning sounds.


No matter what I do
I can’t get it right. I
can’t dance correctly, I’m
harassed because I
missed a payment on
my only bill.

Women are fierce creature’s:
giving life at a drop of a hat
then sucking the life out of you
when you get too fat.

They curse—
if you drink a little too much.
They scream—
when you take a small nap
in the middle-of-the-day.

I’m frowned upon
because my socks don’t match.
When I defend myself and
just can’t come up with the
right words,

at the end of it—
I’m a fuck up through-and-

Evil creature’s
dot, dot, dot.

But, I like the way they smell.
The soft contours of their hips.
The way their hair lithely falls.
The beautiful fair skin
found at the nape of their neck.

I’m a sucker,
a chump;
as soon as I see my woman
walk nearby
I feel my heart skip and jump
then the blood rushes, and
I salivate at the dirty pictures
I draw in my head.
I tell her meekly,
“yes dear you were right.”
(I’m no fool.)



A sensual kiss
seals an alliance
between lovers.

Golden Bracelet


My wife and I are celebrating

fifteen years of marriage.

When we first met I couldn’t

breathe with out her.

She gave me a photo of

herself-I carried it

everywhere and sneaked peaks

once in a while at work-

with a deep sigh I’d

put it back into my breast

pocket. I was tormented by

love. As soon as my day was

over I’d call her and listen

to hear her voice, it was

sappy-cheesy love.

I bought her a wedding ring

at the time I was a teacher

and barely had enough.

I couldn’t let her go, so in

debt I went. I’ll never

regret it, if I could buy

her the moon, I would.

She was my Penelope and I was

on my Odyssey…Words do no

justice to what I deeply

felt. When we tied the knot

and promised our undying love

a million times yes-was said

only once. I was sick with

love! One solemn day she lost

her diamond-the sign of our

commitment. She was

understandably distraught. I

told her not to fret,

diamonds are temporary reminders.

During Valentines Day

we pledged to commit once

more how we previously felt.

I bought her a beautiful

diamond ring and she bought

me a golden bracelet.

My Love I Have Found


Truth be told love is difficult to be found…

I fervently prayed that one glorious day-God would bless me and find Me the mate of my soul.

On that anticipated day
From afar I saw her smile
as the heavens lit up-
And, I knew we were to be wed.

I introduced myself and asked
Her to accompany me on a warm
Picnic day. She said, “yes” to my humble invitation and we met at an undisclosed place.

With love in my eyes and passion at my side I proposed to her my undying love.

her eyes sparkled as we saw in each other a future-a life
of beautiful love spent side-by-side.

Oh, my love I have found!

Words fail me to describe my
Sweetest love her beauty I carry inside.

The way that she smiles and her passion for life makes it all worth living my life.

my love is truly my friend who I can trust with the most
intimate and secret details.

I’m vulnerable with her she knows that I care about the
Little world we patiently made.

How can I, after such incredible luck ever deny-the existence of God? The crown he gave me is my lover in life, it makes my days seem easy.

I can’t see anyone else who will ever take her place,


Oh, my love I have found thee!