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Mothers Love-poem

Mothers are important
They show us from an
early age what love is.

Mothers pamper us
with care and well being.

They clothe us
making sure we’re clean
after each mess.

They feed us
with special nutrients
their bodies produce.

Mothers are
our special
angels from God.

They cuddle us to sleep
and keep us lovingly warm.

Protective and nurturing,
mothers are our first teachers
who instruct us how to
appreciate and practice love.

I’ve been privileged and
seen this first hand
practiced by my adoring mother
and loving wife.

Prayer After Rain-Poem

I’m the hawk gliding low,

I’m the dove cooing

in a field of yellow daisies.

I’m the fresh air after the rain.

The desert rose watered by love.

The smell of a freshly cut lawn.

I’m the tributary carrying

melted mountain snow.

I’m the thunder’s mighty roar.

I’m the pregnant sky about

to release my wine and

make the fertile soil give

birth to wondrous things.

New Best friends-poem

The nice thing about aging:
you’ve been through a lot, there’s very few things
you haven’t seen;
it’s hard to get rattled.
The hardships are:
you discover pain in areas that are completely
unfamiliar to you.
questions like–
How in tarnation
am I sore there?
I don’t even use that muscle?
BenGay and ibuprofen become
your new best friends.

Beards(we are legion)-poem

When we were younger
My brother and I
spoke about one day
growing out
our beards,
about being
It was a dream—
I hadn’t reached puberty yet,
no funny hairs,
an androgynous time;
like twilight
between daylight and night.
Now, I can’t stop growing hairs
in the most inconspicuous places.
I look at them and say,
“how did you get here?”
“You must be lost?”
I pluck one out, 10 more
come out and regenerate;
As if to say,
“we are legion!”
It’s a war that I’ve lost.
While shaving kits
grow in price,
I raise my shoulders
and say,
“have it your way.”
My brother he’s brave
he shaves everyday—
trying to stay a beardless guapo
as long as
he possibly can.

Kung Fu Movies-Poem

Watching a Kung fu movie—
Fists are flying.

The good guy—
he kicks everyone’s ass.

He’s ethically upstanding
and morally thumbs up.

The bad guys are
devious thieves
down for the count.

The narrative is repetitive,
the good guys
beat up
the bad guys—
cowboys always win.

good versus evil,
somehow I always
get caught up
in the clichés.

Pet Peeve-Poem

Writing is cathartic
at times,
The worst feeling
is staring at a blank page
with nothing coming to mind.

My pet peeve is
grammar mistakes,
seeing them after I
submitted the poem.

If there’s anything that makes me
want to pull my hair out,
it’s that!

At Last-Poem

When you find a good book
you savor the words.
Lingering words,
that crawl from your eyes
to your soul.
When you’re done
you put it down
(at last)
finally spoke to you!

Before It’s Too Late-Poem

Tell your loved ones
everyday that you
love them.
Make sure you
say these things
while they’re alive.

Bring them flowers,
write them notes,
never feel ashamed
of random acts of love.

The grave will steal
opportunities and
it will be too late!

The dearly departed
will never need what we can
do for ours while
they’re still breathing
here on Earth.

Words Cannot Explain-Poem

When I touch you
I feel the light of the universe
a billion years old
traveling through your flesh.
When you touch me
the warmth of infinite
suns dance in oblivion
through me.

We call this love—

We dare to frame
the unfathomable
between the letter L and
letter E.

You and I contain
the secrets of the universe.
Secrets that barren words
cannot explain.

A million poets will speak
about this mystery
not one of us
will ever
clarify what it is—
it’s in our hearts
and in our mouths,
found in the warmth of your
skin pressed against mine.
It’s in the way
you call me by my name,
your laughter
and tender embrace.

Random Act Of Love-Poem

I went to the gas station by my house
got out and paid.
Behind me, a husband and wife embraced.
She smiled, he laughed—
I finished pumping gas.
I started my engine.
looked into the vanity mirror
and laughed—
a big tooth grin
picked out the matzah
stuck between my lower teeth
and smiled again.
Happy, full of gas,
driving back home—
A witness to a random
act of love.