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Etched In My Heart-Poem

And, I carried a photograph of you
in my left breast pocket.
When I first saw you I was smitten.
I’d take it out here-and-there,
peek and catch my breath,
then lose it again when I deeply sighed—
Wishing I was near you.

Infatuation developed into the deepest love.
We found our rhythm
And before I knew it, our precious babies
were brought forth.

If I could bottled up what I feel for you—
the universe couldn’t contain it;
It’s as lavish as a Supernova, yet as delicate
as the tiniest Delphinium petal.

You’ve given me,
my most precious memories,
my cherished children.
And most of all,
an understanding about
the myriad benefits of love.

Today the photograph of you
I once carried
is etched
on my heart.

Repentance And Love—Poem

I’m very sorry that I upset you because
seeing you laugh makes me glow,
I’m fighting for time to be with you
for moments that we can be alone—

Having joy instead of being
at our throats—

I wish it wasn’t so,
that our time together
would be fond:
That patience
would reign and oversee slights— and that
prayer would overcome frustration and hurt.

That a loving embrace between us
would ignite flames
chasing away the darkness
in our lives.

I’m here to support you
The way you support me,
open you eyes to see
how much I care for you and the soft words
I speak towards your heart with love.


If I were to write you a poem–
I would start from the top of your head and appraise you like a perfect totem.

Your hair you wear like a crown of onyx of the deepest black,
falls lovingly in contrast to your pearlescent back.

Your eyes, like diamonds that peek into the brilliant future, a
reminder of the sublime that exists–when I gaze into them I’m left tortured.

Your countenance for fear of failure, Michelangelo dared not sculpt, thus
my words I rest upon your ears with love and hope:

That one day you’d find my sentiments like a treasure that a diver dug up, at first glance being a non-consequential clam, after opening it, found the most magnificent and radiant pearl.

And I will not forget, that your heart’s benevolence surpasses the brilliance of your outward beauty; adds to the swooning I feel, as you, my most cherished gift, I stow away into the secret chamber of my heart.

Golden Bracelet


My wife and I are celebrating

fifteen years of marriage.

When we first met I couldn’t

breathe with out her.

She gave me a photo of

herself-I carried it

everywhere and sneaked peaks

once in a while at work-

with a deep sigh I’d

put it back into my breast

pocket. I was tormented by

love. As soon as my day was

over I’d call her and listen

to hear her voice, it was

sappy-cheesy love.

I bought her a wedding ring

at the time I was a teacher

and barely had enough.

I couldn’t let her go, so in

debt I went. I’ll never

regret it, if I could buy

her the moon, I would.

She was my Penelope and I was

on my Odyssey…Words do no

justice to what I deeply

felt. When we tied the knot

and promised our undying love

a million times yes-was said

only once. I was sick with

love! One solemn day she lost

her diamond-the sign of our

commitment. She was

understandably distraught. I

told her not to fret,

diamonds are temporary reminders.

During Valentines Day

we pledged to commit once

more how we previously felt.

I bought her a beautiful

diamond ring and she bought

me a golden bracelet.

Twilight Come Quickly…


oh twilight
come quickly
for my lover
is near.

I will say to her:

I am weak,
for your
fair sensuous

Your red
lips I desire
to kiss.

Must you make me
wait so long?

like wine that’s
gone to my head.

Let your blond
tresses down,
and lay
by my

I yearn to
to caress
I’m burning
for more.

Tonight I
will show you
what passionate
love is.

As I’m
smitten by you
cannot resist