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Tag: lingerie


With shutters parted
the soft light dances
off your skin,

and the scent of
orange blossoms like
love fills my lungs.

I’ve never seen anyone
wear the night’s starlight
as well as you—

You wear moonlight like lingerie.

Silence Of Dawn-Poem

I ease my car into the
parking lot,
it’s still dark outside.
With just enough light to see the
morning mist cling like lingerie
on phallic lampposts
shooting their hallowed light into the night.
I realize the world is half asleep–
and that love isn’t the glue that makes
the earth go around.
I close my car door
piercing the silence of dawn.
I close my mind to
childhood thoughts of love.

Poems In A Dream-Poem

Everyone has a vice–
No one gets off Scot-free.
Mine are fine hats and books,
and peeling off her lingerie.
Watching film noir
while everyone sleeps;
and thinking about writing
my next poem in my dreams.