We named our third child

Swinging on a country playground
in Texas with my wife.

Levi, sounded like a
Good Texan name.

My life was at a cross-roads
Then, reflecting how I feel today.

It was the start of a new
Chapter in the book
Of our life.

Levi’s birth reassured us things
Would be alright.

God loves Levi so much He
Ordained him His personal
Minister on the foot of Mt. Sinai.

Somewhere it says, “…if the moon loses its luster and the stars stop shining, then my servant Levi will stop being my minister forever…”

As far as I know, the moon
Is renewed from month to
month like a well
Functioning clock, and

That solemn oath still stands,

Since the stars are as brilliant
As ever,

Nightly covering the Earth
Like a blanket of unbroken promises
Made to our prophets and sages.

Promises made one lone starry-night to Abraham our father.

“Look up, count the stars, that will be how many your progeny
will on day be”,

He having none at the time, I’m
Sure was mesmerized, by the
Uncountable flaming dots.

Levi’s birth marks a festive occasion.

My father before he passed asked me
To take care of Levi, he loved
Him so much.

God also told Levi’s 11 brothers to watch after their brother…

It all started on that fateful night,
promises fulfilled not only to me but to our father,

Who stood there gazing at the stars thinking incomprehensible
thoughts of the
Many possibilities and the future,
The future birth of one more son.