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A Better Version Of Myself-Poem

I want to hold your hand through the storm.
Hold your umbrella as the hail comes crashing down.
Pour you a bath and light the candles of your heart.
Pour you a glass of burgundy in a spotless crystal glass.
I want to dance with you in the middle-of-the-night,
then pick wild flowers when I’m driving by, just because–
I love your smile, and your hair looks tempting from behind.
Because, your eyes are deeper than the ocean’s waves and your
laugh lifts me up like a beautiful color-filled kite. Above my
insecurities and my many vulnerabilities. When I reach around and
touch your face, life surges through me, and the world is
meaningless when your lips touches my soul. all I can say is
thank you, you’ve made me a better version of myself.

house kite