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Man In The Mirror


The Legend Of Black Bart


Wells Fargo couriers came
down through these parts.
Carrying gold
on the trail from
California to Oregon.

Lurking in the shadows
was a stagecoach

Some say
he was-
a gentleman
and a poet.

His name was Black Bart
and this is poem
number four:

“I’ve labored long and
hard for Bread.
For honor and riches.
But on my corns too
long you’ve thread.
You fine haired sons of
bitches.” BB P08

From Lakeport, Cloverdale,
Stockton and Sonora,
He’d make away with
the stolen loot,
until one day-he
accidentally left his
as a clue.

Wells Fargo
finally caught up
with him in
San Francisco.
Were he was
arrested, tried and
sent to
San Quentin prison.

Four years he
stayed in the clink.

At his release the
banking detectives
payed him and
that his poetic
thievery would
finally and
forever desist.