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The Shame Of Ignorance-Poem

Do me a favor,
speak in silence,
speak only in silence to me,
and walk with me in the darkness
of my dreams.

Peak under my skirt
and see all the intimate
crevices of my mind. While
I wear my ego on my sleeve
and roll prolific words off
the tip of my tongue.

kiss my heart
with furious love,
I’ll wipe the tears
off my pen and bite
into the fruit of adjectives
and immaculate verbs.

I understand God—
while the butterfly
flies into the silence
of the wind—not
only through
metaphors added
to many inspired words.

And like a feathered hat
I’ll wear your desire
on the top of my head,
covering the shame of
my ignorance, pinned
like nothingness on the
breastplate of my coat.


If I were to write you a poem–
I would start from the top of your head and appraise you like a perfect totem.

Your hair you wear like a crown of onyx of the deepest black,
falls lovingly in contrast to your pearlescent back.

Your eyes, like diamonds that peek into the brilliant future, a
reminder of the sublime that exists–when I gaze into them I’m left tortured.

Your countenance for fear of failure, Michelangelo dared not sculpt, thus
my words I rest upon your ears with love and hope:

That one day you’d find my sentiments like a treasure that a diver dug up, at first glance being a non-consequential clam, after opening it, found the most magnificent and radiant pearl.

And I will not forget, that your heart’s benevolence surpasses the brilliance of your outward beauty; adds to the swooning I feel, as you, my most cherished gift, I stow away into the secret chamber of my heart.

Tarry All Night: Authenticate-Poem

The phallic symbol in my heart

tarries and worries all night,

come to bed, it’s about us,

It’s about us making waves.

Never-mind the noises–

when you’re after the explosions,

let’s find our rhythm and dance

beneath the stars.

It’s the first commandment of

fruit and multiplication

and I need to authenticate it

with you by my side.

Into our Hearts

A poem


If I stay

Can we touch
our hearts

with conversations?

The ones that
smile into the dark?

Rhythm Of The Heart


The rhythm of the heart
It beats and beats
Like a North African drum.

The soul-it’s rhythmic.
The body-it has a song!

Melodies- a stethoscope
only hears.
when pressed
Against our skin-
so cold.

The song of our bodies
The doctor hears.
With his instrument
Intently with his ears:

Boom, boom,
boom, boom…

A steady beat
Life is heard…

Through the rhythm
of our hearts
That sings-
The song
a melody
of life
so dear.