The Things I’ve Seen-Poem

I’d like to write about a memory of things I’ve seen:
the way I’ve perceived it in my mind;
the light of the sky, the way it reflects
off concrete sidewalks
or dances off small neighborhood trees—

while watching my daughter then around ten,
sit on the sidewalk
with her friends
talking, jesting, and laughing as children do
in their innocence and charm

are saying goodbye.

The weather is perfect outside,
we’re all in t-shirts and shorts

watching this moment elapse.
Breathing it all in.

We’re leaving,
moving to another place,
another city, another state.
Our van is full of belongings
and we’re excited
to start over, somewhere else—
on an adventure.

Anticipating what’s ahead,
kind of.

And there they sit—
these three girlfriends
not wanting to leave

each other’s company
each other’s childhood friendship.

It’s a mysterious moment in time,
when we depart—

we cling to each other,
to our smiles and our hearts.
We touch each other’s hands.
We try to maintain a lasting bond.

Then it seems that everything stops,
the earth stands still
tears fall;
we feel the heartbeat of sadness.
It can only be described as a


manifested in these cute little girls.
They’re torn

even though they’re hugging each other
one last time.