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Dante’s Place-poem


I wonder if Dante’s poetic place
smack in the middle of purgatory,
(it’s where all poets go after death)
all the great ones find themselves there.
Even those who never had a book deal.

After a hearty breakfast
of Huevos Rancheros
and hot steamy cafe con leche
go fishing—

In that vast ocean of metaphors
where one finds small,
sometimes shadowy,
plump, and juicy enjambments
perfect for otherworldly poems.

Then after a nice lunch of
lamb meatballs on crunchy
Dutch bread topped off with
Belgium beer,

We take a walk in the garden of similes—
Where there are lush trees full of ripe fruit
like cherries ready to be plucked, joyfully
collected in our gilded baskets.

Dinner is roasted Chilean Sea Bass
marinated in garlic and cilantro
served with a delicate glass or two
of buttery California Chardonnay.

It’s during this time
Neither in heaven or hell,
we recite our daily poems
like grace is
said after
a lovely meal.



I carefully
set the hook.
With a new reel
that’s as
smooth as ice,
I set the line.

I have a nice
fast rod,
I can feel
the slightest tug.

It’s ready with 8 lb. test,
like Moses it will part
the lake.

I stick my fingers into
the black warm earth,

and pull out a fat
squiggly worm.

It’s trying to escape
but my fingers are
all business, as I
tighten my grip.

This worm is destined for bait.

I jab the hook into
its soft body,
like butter it enters in.

I cast into the reed
filled waters,
I’m into it for the fight.

My bobber warns me of
a bite.

I let it pull a
few more times,
until the hook
sinks in.

That’s when
I reel it in.

The adrenaline
surges at this
critical stage.

You can’t say,
Until the fish
is on dry land.