My Words

Understanding the World through words

Tag: fire


Poems light fires
in the souls of the willing.
I long to stay warm.

Divine Words

Divine words
Spoken through a
Fire that does not consume
From a plant in the wilderness
On a mountain in the sand
I Am Who I Will Say
I Will Be
I’ve heard your tears
The plight of your bondage
The day to day misery
I’ve witnessed in grief
The shackles of which you
Will finally break free
When I utter the words
Let My People Go
And come to
This holy mountain
To Worship Me
With your own
divine words.

Algorithmic Dance


Two candles lit on the mantle

The wicks burn bright.

One candle taller than the other.

Jointly, they give off

Their tantric light.

Swaying and moving

Both in harmonic unity.

Oscillating and

Feeding off the praxis

of oxygen and fire.

In a demonstration of a

delightful and feverish

algorithmic dance.

My Fire is Dying


The fire is dying.
My tea is cold.
I think it’s
time to go
to bed.

Fires I’ve Made


I’m adept at making fires.
Must have been all the
fires I made in the woods
with my friends on those
chilly Saturday nights.

Those youthful nights lost
in the quagmire of pent up
lust and cheap American beer.

Staring at the flames,
mesmerized by the radiant heat
of my adolescence and
reflected in the amber
dance of burning logs.

flames licking the sky
as darkness is revealed,
while slow moving
red embers glow.

Enjoying the heat.

Now at my home’s brick
hearth; older, wiser
but still lustful-my body craves
the warmth of the fires
I’ve made.