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Film Noir-Poem

I wish we could have a resurgence
of pulp fiction and Film Noir.
Go back to the Golden Age of cinema–
invest in the creation of dark shadows
and creamy black and whites.

Sell steamy love affairs
between dreamy silk stocking
wearing femme fatales
and morally dubious private dicks,
then have the ladies be
the killers in disguise.

Throw back to the
era of Mickey Spillane,
triple-x fedoras, and snub nose 38’s-
I’d die to see a Shamus
resurrection of this sort.

Poems In A Dream-Poem

Everyone has a vice–
No one gets off Scot-free.
Mine are fine hats and books,
and peeling off her lingerie.
Watching film noir
while everyone sleeps;
and thinking about writing
my next poem in my dreams.