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June Seventh-poem

Feeling unpoetic today—
June seventh twenty sixteen.
I’ve been contemplating
I don’t know.
I suppose
I can describe my room:

Wide arch into the bath
nicely shadowed white.
Fan above swirling at a
moderate speed.
The TV’s on but I’m not watching.
Purely background noise.
I’m lying on my bed with legs lazily spread.

My door is open while the light gently slips in.
I can feel the warmth of summer seep in through my window shutters like a thin veil; pushed aside by the
cool breeze of the air conditioner kissing my face.

The Story Of Nothingness

My head lays on a soft pillow,

The fan indiscriminately twirls.

My mind is spinning quietly, while

I hear a lawnmower plow.

My eyes are becoming fatigued.

I’m drifting into silence;

Into nothingness again.


It’s warm and the fan
Rotates, spins like
The earth
The sun.

It moves air
makes a quiet humming

The mechanism
Twirls attempts
To cool my sultry room.

The brisk flow reaches
My warm skin;
Spins like a
Whirling Dervish.

Will the fan reach
Will it
Attain Kemal?

I wish I wasn’t its god,
Or that I had
The power to end
Its search for truth
With a mere
Flick of a switch.