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Tag: Fall

Golden Memories

that golden leaf that fell,

marks the change of a
perfect season
of warmth.

each lost leaf I find
becomes a memory of myself.

Falls Golden Leafs


Its that time of year when
The fall’s golden leafs
Shimmer, at that
precise moment
when the sun’s
Downward crest is at
it’s most luminous.

Like a thousand soldiers
dressed in medieval armor.
Standing in battle array,
Radiant and glittering
amidst a verdant

What a sight it must have been,
To see such glimmering beauty!

Suddenly realizing
that the vision-
Ebullient and

Is the splendor of
your enemy,
whose sole intention
Is only to see you dead.

Summer Shade


Ever consider the trees?
How green
and magnificent
they are;
during summer-
giving us
there shade.

During fall
the leaves
slowly dissipate,
leaving them barren
through winter.
When everything
seems to die?

Then back again
for spring.
Giving us hope
for new life!

If we could listen
to the trees-
they tell a story.

A lesson in life-

That everything has
a season,
just like the
wise king